Digital Story Telling

The Mark Sample and Kelly Schrum piece hits very hard at home. I think my biggest problem with the writing papers at the way of practicing history. I will be very honest as they point out why I should put my full effort into my paper when nobody is going to read it or going to give a crap about it. I put much more effort into a project when there is some kind of visual component or I will be held responsible knowledge wise because I am going to speak about the topic. If this is a one and done deal then the paper might not be that great. At the same time what I’ve learned from my History 201 class is that papers/academia/history is done through writing and papers. I feel like if you try any other method nobody will take you seriously unless it’s presented well such as Dr. Rubin’s Sherman map. Still some of her colleagues frown upon her for taking history out of the traditional realm even that much. Personally, I would like to see a shift. I’ve read great books from her classes specifically such as March and Flush Times and Fever Dreams. March a historical fiction piece that follows the adventures and trials of the Father of the famous Little Women as he attempts to escape war and return to his regular life in the North and then Flush Times and Fever Dreams a very traditional history book that brings up different narratives and themes that all support how racist xenophobic sentiment go hand in hand with the development of slave culture in the expanding Mississippi territory during the 1830’s. In my mind I was thinking that these are both great books. Is it possible that one could perhaps turn these subjects into a game? Would you lose credibility if the information was discerned to me in the fashion with a controller in my hand? Maybe it would be easier to identify with Mr. March if you are in the battles running from the Confederacy alongside him or perhaps in the case in Flush Times someone in the virtual world could walk in and see these atrocities committed before them to gain a greater understanding of the development of slave culture?  I’m looking forward to taking the game design course with her in the Spring to see what she wants us to do.



3 thoughts on “Digital Story Telling

  1. aharon11

    I completely agree with you! Writing papers although it is THE way to learn history, it can get old and boring real quick. It would be amazing, as you suggested, to turn these books and research papers into interactive games or projects. Not only would that make it so much more enjoyable for the student to create the work but I believe that he or she will also be able to retain the information much better! Game design is a big industry right now and there are plenty of games that play into history so there should be no reason the two can’t combine to provide educational material!


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