Flaws of Wikipedia and Valley of the Shadow CD-rom

Is it wrong of me to say that Mills Kelly has the spirit of doctor of the church Martin Luther? Without his social experiment major flaws that are found within the communities of sites like reddit, digg, and Wikipedia would have gone on to spread misinformation for years.

Professor Kelly’s experiment creates waves because it actually went on to change the way articles are reviewed and approved. Much in the same way the Church under went changes post Luther. I would be interest to know what his future classes have to offer. Another final question raised is I would have liked them to go into more detail about those fooled and the consequences.

Finally, while doing research on my professor’s books at my local library over the summer I came across Professor Rubin’s Valley of the Shadow CD-rom. I was hyped after taking both her Civil War class and 19th century American South class. I popped the sucker into my computer and was sadden to find out that it’s not compatible with Windows 8. I was almost not able to write about this, but this is my experience. Unless someone owns a computer with windows 95 operating system you can no longer use that CD’s data base and pull up the files. This is a case of technology becoming outdated creating historical decay. Now this CD no longer needs to take up space in the library collecting dust.




One thought on “Flaws of Wikipedia and Valley of the Shadow CD-rom

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